UserTesting University Training

At a Glance

The UserTesting University training site is the place to go for on-demand, interactive lessons and live training events. Learn about methodologies, use cases, and Platform features to collect actionable insights for your own projects and to help everyone in your company scale their capabilities.


Attend Customer Labs

Customer Labs is an à la carte menu of workshops led by UserTesting experts who the questions you've asked us the most. Learn different strategies around Platform features and best practices that apply directly to your work. Since each workshop has multiple sessions, you can pick the session that works best for your time zone. Click here to enroll now!

Enroll in On-Demand Courses

Our on-demand courses are organized into categories so that you can find content that matches your current level of expertise, style of learning, or where you are at in your current project.



Navigate to the user menu to browse the full course catalog. 


Watch the brief video below to learn more:


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