Product Insight: Getting Started


Use Product Insight to get fast customer feedback on product decisions without slowing development.

There are two ways to get customer feedback using Product Insight - each easily accessible from the main dashboard:

  • Quick Answers: recorded video feedback of customers or prospects as they complete tasks and answer questions. The tasks and questions are written for you, and designed to answer the most common product development problems.

  • Live Conversation: video feedback from one-on-one live video interviews where you can ask questions, listen, interact, and share screens at any stage of a project. Scheduling and recruitment typically takes less than a day. Choose Live Conversation when you need to do discovery interviews or have an issue not covered by Quick Answers.


Quick Answers

You simply describe a task or activity you want feedback on, provide a link to a prototype, website, or app and Quick Answers does the rest. Tests are automatically set up to get the answers to your questions - saving you time, and ensuring the questions you ask are sound and without bias.


As participants finish performing tasks and responding to questions, usually within two hours, we upload the videos of their recorded sessions. Then we notify you when the results are ready to be watched.

From the main dashboard, you’ll find a list of all the tests you’ve run. From there, you can go straight to the Results page for each of the tests to see your feedback and to watch the automatic highlight reels that have been created. We’ve separated them into two groups - based on how the participants responded - to make it easier to focus on exactly what you care about.



Want more detail? The results table below the Highlight Reels summarizes the key findings with short written responses that enable you to scan the responses and identify the most compelling feedback quickly. Alternatively, you can also go to the metrics tab to watch every response to each of the questions asked within the test.



There are currently seven Quick Answer tests to choose from:

Discover needs and frustrations
Learn about customers’ experiences and frustrations with a task you specify. This test explores how they perform that task today, and what they find satisfying or unsatisfying about it.

Use “Discover needs and frustrations" in the Discover phase of the development process.

See Quick Answer: Discover needs and frustrations

Validate an idea
Learn how customers react to an idea for a product or service. Think of this as a concept test, something you do before creating a full prototype.

Use "Validate an idea" in the Discover phase of the development process.

See Quick Answer: Validate an idea

Validate a prototype
Learn how people react to your prototype or wireframe. Test before you build, and find out if your solution solves people’s problem. Make sure the design is perfect before you spend engineering time building it.

Use “Validate a prototype" in the Design phase of the development process.

See Quick Answer: Validate a prototype

Test website usability
Learn how easily customers complete a task on a website. This test helps you find points of friction and how easily people can move through a flow. You can even test a competitor’s website to find opportunities for a competitive advantage.

Use “Test website usability" in the Iterate phase of the development process.

See Quick Answer: Test website usability

Choose between two options
Learn which of two versions people prefer. This can be a feature, a color, a photograph, wording—anything where you want to see if people prefer Option A or Option B.

Use “Choose between two options" in the Design and Build phases of the development process.

See Quick Answer: Choose between two options

Compare two websites
Learn which of two websites participants prefer using based on how easily they complete a specific task. Compare your website to a competitor’s, or compare websites’ strengths and weaknesses.

Use “Compare two websites" in the Discover and Iterate phases of the development process.

See Quick Answer: Compare two websites

Test mobile app usability

Learn how easily customers complete a task on an iOS or Android app. This test helps you find points of friction and how easily people can move through a flow. You can either provide a link to an app from an app store, or upload your app IPA or APK directly to our platform and we’ll securely distribute it to your testers' devices.

Use “Test website usability" in the Iterate phase of the development process.


To help determine which Quick Answers are right for your situation, see How to Use Product Insight throughout the Product Development Cycle.


Choosing Participants

The only other thing to consider before launching your test, is who you want to get feedback from. The UserTesting panel is a diverse on-demand group of people who have test-taking software installed on their computers and mobile devices. The panel is made up of real people, vetted through an application process, who are continually rated by our customers, assuring the highest quality results. 

You can narrow down the pool of participants you’d like feedback from using our demographic filters, such as age, income, operating system.


You also have the option of adding your own screener questions. These are multiple choice questions participants must answer correctly before they can take the test.


You can also use My Recruit to get feedback from your customers via Product Insight.

When launching a Quick Answer, simply select Using My Recruit. Once your test has been launched, we'll provide a link for you to distribute to your customers so they can complete the test.



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Live Conversation

Sometimes you have a question that’s not answered by a Quick Answer test. That’s when you should use Live Conversation.

Live Conversation allows you to recruit and schedule live video interviews—often as quickly as the same day—with your target customers. Speak face-to-face with them about their needs and journeys, even share screens. Live Conversation is great for fast discovery, prototype testing, understanding behavior you see in your analytics, and more.

Not only are interviews are automatically recorded so you can share important moments and replies with developers and stakeholders, but you can also include observers on the call to make it easy for your colleagues to watch the conversation real-time. Live Conversation also includes integrated note taking capabilities to make it as easy as possible for you to identify key moments in the conversation.

Would you like to watch a recorded conversation? Check out this Live Conversation video:

Live Conversation: Sample 

See also

Product Insight: Live Conversation.

My Recruit

In addition to recruiting from the UserTesting Panel as described above, with Live Conversation you can also schedule interviews with your own list of participants using My Recruit.




Use My Recruit when you want to speak with existing customers, your employees, industry experts, or people within very narrow demographics. All you need is their email address and we’ll help schedule a face-to-face video conversation with them.


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