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At a Glance

Use Product Insight to get fast customer feedback on product decisions without slowing development.


Key Features

There are two ways to get customer feedback using Product Insight - each easily accessible from the main dashboard:

  • Quick Answers: Recorded video feedback of customers or prospects as they complete tasks and answer questions. The tasks and questions are written for you, and designed to answer the most common product development problems.
  • Live Conversation: Video feedback from one-on-one live video interviews where you can ask questions, listen, interact, and share screens at any stage of a project. Scheduling and recruitment typically take less than a day. Choose Live Conversation when you need to do discovery interviews or have an issue not covered by Quick Answers.
  • For an overview of platform features for the different plan types, visit this page.


Quick Answers

You simply describe a task or activity you want feedback on, provide a link to a prototype, website, or app, and Quick Answers does the rest. Tests are automatically set up to get the answers to your questions - saving you time, and ensuring the questions you ask are sound and without bias. 

To learn more about the available Quick Answers, visit Overview of Quick Answers.


As participants finish performing tasks and responding to questions, usually within two hours, we upload the videos of their recorded sessions. Then we notify you when the results are ready to be watched.

From the main dashboard, you’ll find a list of all the tests you’ve run. From there, you can go straight to the Results page for each of the tests to see your feedback and to watch the automatic highlight reels that have been created. We’ve separated them into two groups - based on how the participants responded - to make it easier to focus on exactly what you care about.



Want more detail? The results table below the Highlight Reels summarizes the key findings with short written responses that enable you to scan the responses and identify the most compelling feedback quickly. You can also go to the Metrics tab to watch every response to each of the questions asked within the test.



Review the links below to find more information about finding the right participants for your tests.

Participants from the UserTesting Panel
Learn more about the UserTesting Panel

Using My Recruit
Learn more about My Recruit

Live Conversation

Sometimes you have a question that’s not answered by a Quick Answer test. That’s when you should use Live Conversation.

Live Conversation allows you to recruit and schedule live video interviews—often as quickly as the same day—with your target customers. Speak face-to-face with them about their needs and journeys, even share screens. Live Conversation is great for fast discovery, prototype testing, understanding behavior you see in your analytics, and more.

Not only are interviews are automatically recorded so you can share important moments and replies with developers and stakeholders, but you can also include observers on the call to make it easy for your colleagues to watch the conversation real-time. Live Conversation also includes integrated note-taking capabilities to make it as easy as possible for you to identify key moments in the conversation.

Would you like to watch a recorded conversation? Check out this Live Conversation video:

Live Conversation: Sample 


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