Saved Panels


At a Glance

Saved panels allow you to create and manage panels of participants you want to test with again.


Key Features


  • Track favorite test participants
    Ever wish you could save a list of your favorite test participants? Now you can. Create saved panels of thoughtful, articulate test participants to gain their insights on future tests and highlight reels.
  • Test with the same test participants
    Invite the same test participants for longitudinal tests or when it’s important for the same people to see a new or updated version of a previous test.
  • Create a fine-tuned panel with test participants
    Sometimes demographics and screeners aren’t enough. Create panels of test participants who match stricter requirements.

Note: UserTesting features a default account setting for the UT Panel called Fresh Eyes, which prevents repeat participants from completing more than one of your tests (on the account level) in a given time frame. For saved panels and My Panel, the Fresh Eyes feature does not apply—there is no default account setting for testing frequency. To learn more about Fresh Eyes, see our "Fresh Eyes and Test Filters" article.


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