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With UserTesting, there is flexibility on what you can test and how you can collect feedback. This article reviews some of your options




Below are just some of the study options available: 

In this guide, we’ll be going through the steps of a basic unmoderated web test with the UserTesting Contributor Network. View these resources for further information on other testing capabilities and methodologies.

1. Click the New dropdown and select from the available options


2. Select what you plan to test: a prototype, a website, or an app..


3. Decide how you would like to reach your audience: from the UserTesting Contributor Networks or your own network of contributors. Or, you can create a link to share with anyone outside of the UserTesting Platform.


4. If you select Build audience, you will navigate to a screen where you will click Select audience to choose filters and screener questions to help you recruit your contributors.


Then you’re ready to move on to the next section of the Quick Start Guide.


Next Quick Start Section: Demographic Filters and Screeners

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