7. Analyzing and Sharing Insights


There are multiple ways to get insights from your tests but the two most common ways are watching the videos and extracting clips. Clips can be shared individually or they can be stitched together to create a highlight reel that you can send out. Basic information on both methods are available below.

Pssst, here’s a secret!

The easiest and fastest way to access insights is through our Instant Highlight Reels feature that stitch together responses to the same task from all the participants in your study. You can access these through the Metrics tab, complete instructions in this knowledgebase article. If you don’t have access to Metrics, please reach out to the Support team to have them enabled.

Make a clip

You can easily create clips from your video. These video clips can be shared as is, or multiple clips can be compiled into a highlight reel for sharing with others.

To begin, click on a video to go to the video player. To get a clip with just one step, simply click the Clip button underneath the video.  This captures the previous and current phrase spoken by the participant.  When you're happy with the clip, click Save. Learn more about creating and editing clips here.


Make a Highlight Reel

A highlight reel is a curation of any clips you've created. Once you have gone through and made clips from the original recording, you can make a highlight reel by selecting Highlight Reels from your UserTesting dashboard.

Your clips will be listed on the left. Search for clips by tag, keyword, or study title. Then simply select and drag your desired clips to create your highlight reel. You can preview or share your Highlight Reel by using the buttons in the top right corner.


Share your findings

Now that you’ve observed your data, you’re ready to share your insights! Easily share videos with a colleague or stakeholders, this can be a great way to promote a user-centered culture in your company.

Below are a few of the ways you change distribute your finding to colleagues and stakeholders.

Here are some things to consider when sharing your findings:

  • Back up your claims with user quotes from the studies.
  • Be careful not to place blame on any of your teammates. If you have a lot of negative findings, choose your words carefully. “Users found this feature frustrating” is much easier to hear than “This feature is terrible.”
  • Encourage team members to ask questions about the findings, but remind them not to make excuses. They’re there to learn about the customer experience, not to defend their design decisions.

You've done it!

You can now proudly share the insights you’ve garnered from your first UserTesting Study. Hopefully, you’ve seen how easy and valuable testing can be and you are on your way to incorporating user feedback into all of your business decisions.

Now that you’ve launched your first study, you can use it as a template to keep testing. This can be done by Using the Create From Similar option from your Dashboard view. Then you can make minor adjustments, for instance you can change your demographic group and then quickly launch.


Finally, if you ever need help, our award winning Support team is always happy to help.

You can live chat with them directly, via the UserTesting platform during business hours.


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