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Review and Launch Your Test

The overview page should now display your audience targeting as well as the test plan. Review the information and remember to give your test a name. When you are satisfied, click the Launch Test button.


Best Practices

Launch a “dry run”, or single-pilot session, to verify that the tasks are capturing the intended feedback. Then watch the video noting any possible challenges the participant encountered or ways the script could be improved. Make any necessary tweaks to the tasks before launching the rest of the sessions.

5 things to check in a dry run study

  1. Do your tasks and questions make sense to participants?
  2. Can the participant adequately answer your questions?
  3. Can the participant complete all required steps like logging in to a specific account or interacting with the right pages?
  4. Are all links in the script functioning properly?
  5. Are the screener questions capturing the participants you need?

If you need to make any changes to your test, here are instructions on how to edit your tasks.

Note: If you would like to change your demographics, you’ll need to create a new study.

After a successful dry run

You can easily add more participants to your existing study. Please note, depending on your subscription terms, there may be limits on how many participants you can add to a single study.

Just select Add participants from the ellipsis drop-down menu when you’re in the session view on your dashboard.


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