Why Can't I Share My UserTesting Videos with Non-Team Members?

At a Glance

For security reasons, most UserTesting accounts have the Share Default Setting set to “anyone on this account.” This means that shared videos, clips, and highlight reels can only be viewed by logged-in team members. 


When sharing a video, clip, or highlight reel, you may also have the option to share with “anyone with the link,” no login required.

If you do not see the “anyone with the link” option, you can share using the Email link.


Enter the email address of the colleague you’d like to share the asset with. Your colleague can be added to your account as a Collaborator or Viewer in order to view the video link you’re sharing.

You may not see the “anyone with the link” sharing option because your account may have “restrict all share links” turned on. Only Account Admins have the ability to change this setting, which can be done from the General tab on the Settings page. Admins can learn more at Workspaces and Video Security.

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