How do I share test results?


You may wish to share a study, including all corresponding sessions, with a member of your team. You have two options to do this from your UserTesting dashboard.

First, from the main page of your dashboard, you can click the three-dot icons to the right of your study name. Sharing_results_01.png

This reveals a drop-down menu with several options for sharing your test. 


You have two options for sharing your test here: Share and Publish test. 


From your dashboard, there are two ways to share your test. From your main dashboard, click the three-dot icons and select share. A new dialogue box will appear.


Here you can copy the link to your study results, or enter the email address for anyone on your team who you want to be able to review the results. 

You can also share the results by click on the test name, and selecting Share from the main page. 


This opens the same dialogue box where you can get a link to share the test, or enter the email address of anyone you want to be able to access the test results. 


Publish test

In addition to being able to share the results with team members, you can also publish the results of your study in order to generate a link that allows your team to access the results, including those who may not have a UserTesting account. 

From your main dashboard, or after clicking the name of the test you want to share, you can select the publish test options.



This generates a page that shows the responses from the test participants. Copy and paste the URL that displays in the browser’s URL bar.

You can share this URL with members of your team and they will be able to view the sessions and completion status when they access the link to the study. 

For more information on test results, view How to analyze and share results.


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