Connecting Your iPhone or iPad to Your Mac via QuickTime Player


  1. Unlock your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Connect your iPhone to your Apple computer with your lightning cable 
    • Select 'Yes' if your iPhone asks to trust your computer
    • Wait until iTunes opens to make sure the phone has completed its connection.  
  1. Open Quicktime Player
    •  You can find Quicktime Player in your Applications folder or by clicking on the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of your screen and typing 'Quicktime Player' before pressing Enter on your keyboard 
  1. Start a New Movie Recording
    • In the upper left-hand corner click on 'File' then 'New Movie Recording' 


  1. Select your iPhone as the video input
    • To change the video's input from your webcam (if enabled) to your iPhone click on the downward arrow next to the record button and select your iPhone
    • Note: Make sure your device is unlocked


  1. Start Recording
    • Once the iPhone is shown in the QuickTime Player window, click on the start recording button.
    • Choose the QuickTime Player window (labeled “Movie Recording”) as the window to record.

  2.  Other Notes
    • Please do not maximize the Quicktime Player window since it hides the session's tasks.
    • Also note that you do not need to press the red record button in Quicktime Player at any point.

Troubleshooting tips:

  • If you do not see your iPhone as an option after clicking the downward arrow
    • Check for the 'Do you trust this computer?' alert on your iPhone's screen and select 'Yes' if it's appeared
    • Close and reopen Quicktime Player and try again from Step 3
    • Close Quicktime Player and disconnect and then reconnect your iPhone before trying again at Step 1
  • If your iPhone is selected, but you see a black screen in QuickTime Player
    • Make sure your iPhone is unlocked -- the screen will remain black if it is locked
  • If you receive an error in Quicktime Player after selecting your iPhone
    • Close Quicktime Player and try again from Step 3
    • Close Quicktime Player and disconnect your iPhone then begin again at Step 1

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