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Weekly Office Hours

  • Join our Weekly Office Hours with other UserZoom customers and get your burning questions answered by our experts.
  • It's a free-form session, so best to come prepared with questions. Here are some examples:
    • Can you recommend the right study type for my research question?
    • Can you review my tasks and study structure?
    • Can you share Best Practices?
    • Any tips on how to test with my own participants?



Writing effective scenarios, tasks, and questions

  • Regardless of your role or experience, join our interactive virtual live class to learn about our 6 Golden Rules and how to get your research questions answered.
  • In the Writing effective scenarios, tasks, and questions Live Class, learn how to:
    • Write a background scenario that puts your participants in the right mindset.
    • Structure tasks so that you can observe - and learn from - your participants’ behavior.
    • Create questionnaires that yield insights you can trust.
  • There will be plenty of activities so be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get involved!



Developing remote moderating skills

  • This is a hands-on session where you will be able to practice your new skills in a safe learning environment.
  • In the Developing remote moderating skills Live Class, learn how to:
    • Plan a remote moderated study
    • Write a discussion guide
    • Moderate without bias
    • Deal with awkward situations
    • Manage notetakers and observers
  • Conducting remote moderated interviews and usability tests takes practice, but we've got some very useful tips and best practice guidelines to help you become an effective and confident moderator.



Writing effective screeners Live Class

  • In the Writing effective screeners Live Class, we will show you:
    • What you need to think about when creating a Screener
    • How to use Screeners and Participant Segments
    • Your options within Advanced Screeners
    • What to look for when Study Monitoring and how to troubleshoot
  • You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss Screeners that you're currently building.
  • To get the most out of this class, it's essential that you first watch Getting started with Screeners and Advanced Screener Groups videos.
  • These videos provide foundational knowledge of the topic that is built upon in the Live Class.



Analyzing qualitative data

  • In the Analyzing qualitative data Live Class, we'll set you up for success when analyzing your results.
  • Qualitative research yields a lot of data! How do you make sense of it all? How do you avoid becoming overwhelmed?
  • It starts with a plan - when the results are in you’ll know exactly how you’re going to tackle it and who you’re going to involve.
  • If you'd like a structured approach to analyzing your data and want to avoid common pitfalls, come along to our 90-minute, fully interactive, virtual live class where we’ll teach you:
    • What to consider when choosing your analysis method
    • How to gather, clean, and organize your data
    • Different coding and analysis techniques


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