Approval Flow

Approval Flow enables you to facilitate review of tests prior to launch by designating team members requiring test review prior to launch. Depending on the organization, enabling this capability ensures the highest quality of research.

Key features

  • Team members can be designated as those requiring tests approval prior to launch
  • Team members can be designated as those who can review and approve tests

How it works

Step 1: The UserTesting Admin assigns team members as “Reviewer” by editing their user profile. Those designated as Reviewers will be responsible for reviewing and approving tests created by individuals designated as “Needs Review”.



Step 2: The UserTesting Admin assigns team members as “Needs Review” by editing their user profile. Team members who are assigned a Needs Review attribute will be able to draft tests, but will be unable to launch them until approved by a Reviewer.


Step 3: The UserTesting  Admin will leave all other team members as “Doesn’t Need Review”. These individuals function as their normal seat type would - neither requiring review nor ability to review others’ drafts.


 Step 4: A team member who Needs Review will create a new test and submit for approval. They must alert a Reviewer that the test needs review; the UserTesting platform will not automatically notify Reviewers.



Step 5: A reviewer will go over the test plan, make any necessary changes, and then submit their approval. 




Step 6: An email will be sent to the individual who submitted the test for review, letting them know it’s now approved. The test can now be launched by the original test creator.


Note:  In the event an approved test is further modified by the original creator (designated as needing review) it will require approval by a designated reviewer again. There are some exceptions: the creator can change the study title or notification settings without requiring a secondary approval. Once a test has been approved and launched, more test participants can be added without requiring further approval. 

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