Workspaces allow you to effectively organize and control access to your tests across projects and teams.

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Key Features

Workspaces enables you to:

  • Assign and maintain privacy for projects or teams
  • Assign permission capabilities at a per-workspace level
  • Improve organization of your tests and team members


Workspace Creator: Team member who originally created a workspace. New workspaces can be created by either the UserTesting Admin, or any team member who has an Unlimited license. By default, Workspace Creators are granted the highest workspace-level permission available to them, based on their license type.

Private Workspace: Designated by the Workspace Creator or Workspace Owner, a Private Workspace indicates that team members must be invited to join the workspace. Once formed, tests, clips, and highlight reels are only available to view by team members who are a part of that Private Workspace.

Open Workspace: Designated by the Workspace Creator or Workspace owner, an Open Workspace is accessible and available to join by any team member on the account. Team members who join will be automatically granted the permission level of “Collaboration Only”.

General Workspace: The default workspace when no additional workspaces have been created. All team members will be automatically added to this workspace. Tests ordered prior to new workspaces being created will live here.

Workspace Owner: A team member assigned to a specific workspace who has permissions to add and remove other member on that workspace, and also assign permission levels on that workspace.  

Collaboration Only: A workspace-level permission. Team members with this permission can view and analyze videos. They cannot create drafts nor launch tests. 

All Permissions: A workspace-level permission. Team members with this permission can edit and launch tests, in addition to viewing and analyzing videos.

How it works

Workspace Creators (UserTesting Admins and Unlimited licensed users) can create new workspaces by accessing the Manage Workspaces page or by using the Workspace Switcher on the main dashboard.

Select Create WorkspaceCreateNewWorkspace1.png

Name your workspace. 


Workspaces are set as open or private:


UserTesting Admins or Workspace Owners invite team members to workspaces.


Team members can be assigned different permission levels in each workspace.  

Team members can toggle between workspaces from their dashboard.


Use the ellipsis icon to manage individual workspace settings, archive, or delete a workspace.



Keep in mind: 

New tests and highlight reels are automatically assigned to the current workspace.

When inviting a new team member from Manage People, you have the option to specify which workspace they first see upon signing in. Team members will always be invited to the General workspace, to ensure that they have a space to work from in the event that the other workspaces they’re members of are archived or deleted.


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