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Learn about UserZoom Single Sign-On (SSO).


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About UserZoom SSO

  • UserZoom SSO integration allows users to access UZ Manager with your organization's SSO system.
  • Users won't have to enter their username and password.



Access using SSO

  • SSO users access a URL unique to your organization (For example,
  • If auto-discover is enabled for your account:
    1. Enter your email address. UserZoom Manager recognizes your email domain belonging to an SSO account and hides the password field.
    2. Click Log In to be redirected to your company's login page.



Convert an existing user to SSO

  • Non-SSO users set up in the account have to access through SSO once to automatically be converted.
  • This is transparent for the user.
  • After logging in with SSO, users no longer have to enter their password.
  • If necessary, learn how to create a new user.


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