Why is “Preview Test” asking me to download the screen recorder?

Previewing a test will give you a full testing experience from the user’s perspective. Doing so will give you a  better idea of how your task instructions will appear for the testing participants. In order to launch a preview, you’ll be prompted to install the UserTesting screen recorder. Below are the answers to some common preview-related questions.


Q: Do I need to preview a test before launching it?

No, you don't. We find that some corporate firewall settings block your ability to preview a test. If your work network doesn’t allow you to install such software, please feel free to use the old Preview Test feature, or launch a pilot test ( a test launched to just one participant) and review the video before launching more.

Q: Does "Preview Test" work for mobile tests?

At this time, we're unable to provide a preview functionality for mobile tests. 

Q: I'm having trouble launching the preview.

We find most preview-related errors are due to corporate network restrictions. We suggest trying to launch your preview from a guest wifi network, if available, or speaking to your IT department and asking them to whitelist the following domains: 








Additionally, you should whitelist the IPs from Fastly. Fastly is the CDN (content delivery network) we use.

Q: Is it recording anything?

No. Please rest assured that it doesn’t record anything from your computer and you don’t need to have a microphone for it to work.><


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