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Test Preview features in the UserTesting Platform allow you to view screener questions as well as the flow of tasks within your test. This article provides information on previewing a test and answers some common preview-related questions.


When to preview your test

Once you have created your test in the UserTesting Platform, preview it. 

  • Select the Preview screener button for each audience in your test to ensure that the questions are written clearly.
  • Having entered all your tasks into your test plan, select the Preview test plan button.

As you preview your test, make sure the tasks flow as expected, that the task wording is correct, and that all links function as you had hoped. Also, see this article on common mistakes to avoid.

After you preview and when you feel your test is ready, conduct a pilot test.

How to preview a test (desktop and mobile)

To preview your test on a desktop computer, select the Preview test plan button from the Test Plan Editor page.


You can also access the test preview from the Options (...) menu next to the Test plan summary on the Test Launcher page.


A dialogue box will appear. Select the Preview test button for desktop, or scan the QR code to preview your test on a mobile device. See our article on preview for mobile tests for more information.


Walk through the test experience as a contributor without leaving your browser; no download is required. The preview will display your test for you to review scenarios, tasks, questions, and assets before launching it to contributors.


Note: The test preview does not record anything from your computer, and you don't need to have a microphone for it to work.

Please be aware that some contributors might be using a different screen recorder than the one shown in the preview. To learn more about our seamless recorder, please visit our Knowledgebase article. 


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