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Previewing a test will give you a full testing experience from the user’s perspective. Doing so will give you a  better idea of how your task instructions will appear for the testing participants. In order to launch a preview, you’ll be prompted to install the UserTesting screen recorder. Below are the answers to some common preview-related questions.

Q: Do I need to preview a test before launching it?

No, you don't. We find that some corporate firewall settings block your ability to preview a test. If your work network doesn’t allow you to install such software, please feel free to use the old Preview Test feature, or launch a pilot test ( a test launched to just one participant) and review the video before launching more.

Q: Can I preview a test on my mobile device?

Yes. You can use My Recruit to preview your own tests as long as you have an iOS 12+ or Android 7+ device:

  1. From the Drafts page duplicate your draft and use the options menu to change the preview draft to my recruit.
  2. Launch the test and then use the My Recruit URL to take the test yourself
  3. You don't need to upload the video. You can exit our app at anytime and then cancel the preview test from your dashboard.

Q: Does "Preview Test" work for mobile tests?

At this time, we're unable to provide a preview functionality for mobile tests. 

Q: I'm having trouble launching the preview.

There are a few things you can try to troubleshoot if this happens.

  1. Did you run into any issues downloading or installing the recorder? This Screen Recorder FAQ lists the minimum system requirements and some common applications that could block the UserTesting recorder.
  2. Is there any other software (anti-virus or firewall, for example) running in the background that could block the recorder from launching?
  3. Does restarting your computer and trying the preview from a different browser work? Note that Internet Explorer is not a supported browser.
  4. Does running the preview on a different computer or network work?

We find most preview-related errors are due to corporate network restrictions. We suggest trying to launch your preview from a guest wifi network, if available, or speaking to your IT department and asking them to whitelist the following domains: 








Additionally, you should whitelist the IPs from Fastly. Fastly is the CDN (content delivery network) we use.

Q: Is it recording anything?

No. Please rest assured that it doesn’t record anything from your computer and you don’t need to have a microphone for it to work.

Q: Can I cancel a session after a preview?

Yes, here is an article on how to cancel a pending session



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