What Does It Mean If a Session Has a "Problem" or Is "On Hold"?

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Our system automatically puts unfilled sessions within a test on hold if two or more contributors have reported a similar problem while taking the test.

Contributors have the ability to report a problem if they encounter an issue when completing your test. For example, you may point them to a website to review, but then that website URL is changed after you launch the test. For one-off issues, you may be able to diagnose the issue yourself and then restart the session. However, if multiple contributors report a problem in your test, all of the sessions in that test are placed on hold while we investigate the issue.

If you see a Problem button next to a session, it means that a contributor reported a problem with the test. To view the contributor's reported issue, please click on Problem.


Upon reading the contributor's description, you may be able to correct the problem (for example, you can update the task to point to the correct, publicly available URL). Once you correct the problem, click on Resume Testing to put this test back into the queue for another contributor to take.


Alternatively, you may see an On Hold button next to the incomplete sessions in your test. If you see the Problems indicator next to the test on the Dashboard, you can hover over that to see details of the problems that were reported.

When a test is on hold, you can edit your test plan as needed to resolve issues, but the Support team will need to assist you in restarting the test. Once you've made any necessary changes, click on one of the On Hold buttons and you will be able to send a message to the Support team, who can restart the test for you

Note: within a test that is on hold, you only need to submit one message to Support, via clicking on any one of the On Hold buttons within the test.OnHold.png


If you cannot resolve the issue or don't need additional feedback from contributors, let the Support team know that they can cancel those sessions.


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