What is Concept Testing?


What is concept testing?

A concept test is when you gauge user feedback of an idea in its early stages. The concept can be anything communicating the idea you want to test, from a static image to a low fidelity prototype.

When should I run concept tests? 

A concept test provides insight around whether customers understand and would want to use the product or feature. The feedback can help you inform the direction of an idea at a high level.

Concept tests can be conducted before fleshing out granular details or interactions in a design to help save time and build it right. 

How can I do concept testing with UserTesting?

Testing concepts can be as easy as linking participants to an image, doc, or mock as a starting URL and asking questions to capture users’ impressions and assess how they understand and react to the concept.

To help set expectations for the test, include a note in the scenario to communicate you’re testing a concept or idea rather than an interactive website.

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