Converting a UserTesting Panel Test to My Recruit Test

There may be certain scenarios where you wish to test with both your own customers (My Recruit) and the general UserTesting Panel. You will need to launch 2 separate studies to accomplish this, but you can quickly convert the test to streamline the test creation process. Here's how: 
First, create the new copy of the test you'd like to duplicate by using the "Create Similar Test" button.
Next, open the Drafts folder and find your new draft.
On the right side, you can access additional test editing options (labelled with icon of three dots). Open this and scroll down to select, "Change to UserTesting Panel" or "Change to My Recruit", depending on which type of test you launched first. Once you've converted the draft, you can make any additional edits as needed and launch the test.
Please note, access to My Recruit requires an Enterprise subscription plan. 

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