UserTesting Power-Up Integration for Trello


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Trello is a productivity platform that helps you quickly and easily manage projects. Power-Ups are Trello partner integrations, which support more efficient workflows by enabling you to connect your Trello with other tools and applications that you use.


The Power-Up integration for Trello is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


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How It Works

The UserTesting Power-Up allows you to attach video clips, studies, full videos, and highlight reels to your Trello boards. Your attachments will automatically display a rich set of relevant information, and you’ll be able to view the accompanying video directly within Trello.

Here’s an example of a clip attached to a Trello card:


When you or members of your team are viewing all the different cards related to a single project or if you are taking a high level view over multiple projects, you can immediately see relevant, contextual details.

You can also watch the video without needing to toggle between applications. Simply click on the play icon; a video player will open allowing you to watch the recorded content. With direct access to insights, you can make decisions or create and assign new tasks or next steps for members of your team within the productivity application.


Set Up the UserTesting Power-Up

From your Trello board, click the Show Menu link to expand the Menu. Click on Power-Ups.


In the search box, type "UserTesting." When the UserTesting Power-Up is displayed, clicking the green Add button will add the Power-Up to your Trello Board.


After adding the UserTesting Power-Up to your board, a UserTesting button will be displayed. You must click the UserTesting button to finalize connecting your UserTesting and Trello accounts.


Start Using the UserTesting Power-Up

If you have successfully completed the steps to authorize the integration, you can access the UserTesting Power-Up button on the back of any Trello card on that board to attach a study, full video, highlight reel, or video clip.


Attached items will show relevant additional information from UserTesting and give you direct links to content. For example, attaching a study will display the name of the study, study number, current status, order date, number of sessions, number of screener questions, sessions completed, and the number of steps. For further guidance on how to share a study, read our article here.


The type of UserTesting study determines what additional information will be displayed. An example of a video clip is below. 


Clicking on the thumbnail will open a UserTesting video player.


Board Button

The UserTesting Board button allows you to create a list from a UserTesting video URL. You can bring key details from a UserTesting video onto your Trello board with one click. The newly created list will include cards for the video clips associated with the video.


Users Who Have Not Completed the Authorization Process

Users who have not yet authorized the connection between UserTesting and Trello will not see additional information for UserTesting attachments. Instead, a UserTesting Attachments section is displayed with a list of links to the attached content.


Users who experience difficulties completing the authorization process should reach out to your organization’s IT team or system administrator for assistance.

Disable the UserTesting Power-Up

Disabling the connection between your UserTesting and Trello accounts is a two-step process.  It can be done in any order on the UserTesting platform or Trello Board but must be completed in both places to finalize.

Disable from UserTesting platform

To disable the UserTesting Power-Up from within the UserTesting platform, open Settings from your dashboard dropdown menu. Then, select the Integrations tab. 


Click the Disconnect button for the UserTesting Trello Power-Up.


Disable from Trello Board

To disable the integration from your Trello board, select Power-Ups from the Menu then select Enabled. Click the gear icon next to UserTesting, and select the Remove Personal Settings button (see below).


Clearing your personal data will not cause any data loss, but it removes all additional information that is displayed for attachments, including for the links that were previously shared (during the period that the integration was enabled). Once the integration is disabled, attachments previously created as well as moving forward only show as plain links.

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