About the licensed users in new UserTesting plans

Starting in 2018, any new UserTesting account includes several different types of licenses. The features a user can access depend on the license that user has been assigned. 

This document describes the types and how they’re allocated, and answers some common questions about them.

There are four types of licensed users on a UserTesting Insight Core account:

Unlimited: Does not have a limit on the number of tests it can launch. It’s designed for power users, full-time researchers, and those who consistently want feedback from customers.

Standard: Has the capability to create and launch 15 UserTesting Insight Core tests every year. This license is intended for users who need to test semi-regularly.

Light: Has the capability to create and launch 3 UserTesting Insight Core tests every year. This license is intended for users who test intermittently. 

Collaborator: Designed for people who need to view tests and share insights from them, but who don’t create tests. Someone with a Collaborator license can review test plans and create clips and highlight reels, but cannot create or launch tests.

Please note the above limits apply to Insight Core plans. Details for Product Insight limits can be found here. Details for Marketing Insight can be found here

Licenses are allocated by the UserTesting Admin, a user who’s designated by the customer. The UserTesting Admin has access to an online dashboard that can be used to add and remove users, and assign licensed within the company’s UserTesting account. The UserTesting Admin role can be assigned to a user who has any type of license. Only Admins can remove users.

You can find additional information about how to assign these licenses here


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