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The UserTesting integration for Slack allows teams to share updates for launched tests and informative insights like videos and highlight reels with colleagues over internal Slack channels.


The UserTesting integration for Slack is available on the following subscriptions:

Flex plan Seat-based plan
Essentials Startup
Advanced Professional
Ultimate Premium


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UserTesting is integrated with Slack, the productivity chat application used and loved by many. If you and your team use Slack, you can:

  • Receive updates about UserTesting tests
  • Easily share UserTesting tests, sessions, clips and
    highlight reels to private and public Slack channels
Add to Slack

Receive Test Updates

When you are creating a test you can select a Slack channel to receive instant updates including when a test has been launched and when it is completed.  



Unfurl UserTesting Links

When you paste the UserTesting URL in Slack, details “unfurl” to automatically display the test name and other pertinent information with members of that channel. This provides a summary of the content, so that they understand what they are viewing before clicking on the link.


You can also share interesting and informative insights with members of your team while you’re in UserTesting viewing a video, clip or highlight reel. While using the video player, simply click the Share via Slack item in the sharing menu.


You will then be instructed to select a Slack channel to share the video to, and you can also include a personalized message. After you click Share, the video, clip or highlight reel will be shared to the channel you selected.


Please note that since the Share via Slack button is available in the video player, you can only share videos, clips or highlight reels this way. Whole studies, including affiliated sessions, can only be shared by pasting the URL directly into Slack.


Enable Slack integration

To enable the Slack integration, you must be a UserTesting Admin. First, make sure that you are logged into Slack on your web browser. (Please note that you must be on the web browser version of Slack, not the desktop app, to enable the integration.)

You can enable the Slack integration in one of the following ways listed below: 

  1. From the Integrations Page by clicking the Connect button for Slack. To get to this page, please open your dropdown menu and select Settings.
  2. Within the UserTesting video player by clicking Share via Slack button
  3. From the menu on a Clip in the UserTesting video player by clicking Share via Slack button
  4. From the Slack Channel picker when creating a test 

You will then see a popup asking you to authorize the integration with your Slack account.  If you are the first at your organization to do this, you’ll see a message directing you to contact your administrator to install the UserTesting app into Slack.

In the authorization popup, choose a channel where notifications from UserTesting can be sent and click the Authorize button.


After completing authorization, you will be able to click on the Slack button in the UserTesting video player to post the video to a channel you select. You can also start pasting URLs directly into Slack to automatically display relevant details.

Disabling the Slack Integration

If you want to turn the Slack integration off for your account, open your account dropdown menu, select Settings and then the Integrations tab.



Click the Disconnect button for the UserTesting Slack App.


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