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Learn more about how to identify the right contributors to help save time and energy.

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Importance of pre-screening

  • Pre-screening contributors can save you significant time and effort by ensuring that you are engaging with the right individuals from the outset.
  • Utilizing demographic filters and screener questions allows you to pinpoint specific contributors within the UserTesting Contributor Network.
    • Demographic filters: Use these to narrow down your potential contributors based on predefined characteristics.
    • Screener questions: Short survey questions help identify if a contributor fits the necessary criteria.


Conduct an initial unmoderated test

  • Provide context: Use the first screener question to explain that the initial test is to screen for contributors who are a good fit.
  • Recruit more than you need: Not all contributors in this first test will meet the requirements of your target audience.
  • Include tasks to verify a good fit: Review the recorded tests and decide which contributors to invite to the full test.

    💡A short test can also be used to pre-screen contributors.



Manage your contributors

  • After identifying suitable contributors, you can manage them based on your specific needs.
  • This might involve adding them to a Saved Panel for future tests or specifying them for immediate follow-up tests.

    Example management strategies
  • Saved panels: Group contributors based on specific attributes or tools they use, such as Apple Pay users or Venmo users.
  • Direct specification: Choose contributors for a follow-up Live Conversation or other targeted tests.

Launch your test

  • With your pre-screened contributors, you can now launch your actual test.
  • For more interactive and detailed feedback, consider using Live Conversation to engage directly with the contributors.



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