Export survey data on the Flex plan

Use these steps to export high-level survey data from the Usage and history dashboard. Learn what the CSV export contains.


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About survey data export

  • Admins on the Flex plan can export survey data as a CSV file from the Usage and history dashboard.
  • Exporting data allows you to conduct further analysis in various tools like Google Sheets and Excel.
  • Answer questions like:
    • How many surveys have we launched?
    • How many sessions are completed?
    • How many sessions haven’t been taken yet?
    • How many Session Units are used and pending for each survey?
    • Who is launching surveys? Who is creating surveys?
    • How many surveys have been launched per month?
    • How many surveys exist in each workspace?



Export survey data

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click the Usage and history tab.
  3. Select the Export as CSV menu.
    export as csv usertesting.png
  4. Choose Export survey.
  5. Check your email inbox for the download link.



What the Survey export shows

The Survey export data contains the following information:

  • Test ID
  • Test Name
  • Test Type
  • Created Date
  • Launch Date
  • Updated Date
  • Creator Name
  • Creator Email
  • Launcher Name
  • Launcher Email
  • Workspace
  • Sessions Completed
  • Sessions Remaining
  • Session Units Used
  • Session Units Pending
  • Test Status

There are a couple of Test statuses you might see on your Survey export. These include:

  • Online: A study is waiting for participants.
  • Offline: The study is offline and only participants who have passed screeners and started taking the test will be able to complete the test.
    ℹ️ Note: You can pause the study, which causes the Test status to be Offline.



Why can't I launch new surveys?

If you have disabled flex, you won't be able to launch new tests if you have no Session Units remaining. You can use the Survey export to identify Pending Session Units to cancel. Here's how to do this:

  1. In the Survey export, filter for the Pending Session Units that have a value greater than zero.
  2. Decide how to reduce the number of participants in your audience(s) for that survey.



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