Niche Audience Recruitment for Live Conversation

Use these steps to access assistance with recruiting niche audiences for your Live Conversation test. 


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About Niche audience recruitment

Niche audience recruitment helps teams capture critical insights from unique and hard-to-reach audiences for Live Conversation. Understand your target audience’s needs and identify opportunities to develop solutions that propel your business goals.

  • Learn best practices for finding your target audience: Quickly access articles and University courses on filters, screeners, and other helpful tips and tricks.
  • Get real-time assistance: Chat with a product expert on the Platform to get recommendations on reaching your target audience.
  • Request niche audience recruitment for Live Conversation: Submit a request through the Platform for custom recruitment services to connect with hard-to-reach audiences.




To request audience recruitment help, follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Audience Builder of your test. Select the Recruitment support button under Contributor network options.
  2. You will land on a page with three options:
    1. Recruit more specialized audiences: Send a custom request to our recruitment team to help you find the right contributors for your moderated test.
    2. Chat with us about how to recruit: Ask our live team of experts questions about the recruitment process, and we’ll share our hints, tips, and best practices.
    3. Boost your recruitment skills: Discover articles and courses to continue learning about effective target audience recruitment
  3. If you choose to send a custom request for Live Conversation recruitment, a modal will appear where you can fill out your recruiting needs. We will email you regarding your request within 2 business days after your request is submitted.

💡Note: If someone from your team requests custom recruitment services for Live Conversation, a quote for services will need to be accepted by your team before the request is fulfilled.


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