Scheduling a Live Conversation with Multiple Test Creators


Have you ever wondered how scheduling a Live Conversation impacts other creators’ time slots on your team? Learn how to schedule multiple Live Conversations in an account that has more than one creator.


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Who can create a Live Conversation?

Live Conversation is available to:

  • Customers on the Advanced and Ultimate editions of the Flex Plan
    • On Flex Plan accounts, anyone on the account can start the Live Conversation. This means that co-moderators can also start a Live Conversation.
  • Customers on the Premium edition of the seat-based plan
    • On seat-based accounts, the moderator is the person who scheduled the Live Conversation and the person allowed to start the session. (Note that Collaborators cannot set up nor start Live Conversation sessions.)

How it works

  • UserTesting’s scheduler for Live Conversation is connected across different studies to avoid double bookings.
  • Creators (on the Flex plan) are the only ones who can create a Live Conversation. 
  • Only one person can select "moderator" when joining a Live Conversation. 
  • Once someone assigns themself as the moderator, that role will be shaded out.

For this example, the terms Creator 1 and Creator 2 represent two team members whose role allows them to create a Live Conversation.

Creator 1

  • If Creator 1 launches multiple Live Conversation studies with the same availability on all of the studies, any time slot booked on one study is hidden from contributors trying to book time slots on the other studies (so no one gets double booked).
  • For example, three studies are launched, all with availability for 9 am on Monday. If on study 1 the 9 am time slot on Monday is booked, the other 9 am time slots on study 2 and 3 will be blocked.

Creator 2 

  • If a second creator launches any Live Conversation(s) on the same account, with the same available time slots as Creator 1, those time slots remain available regardless of what is happening/booked on Creator 1's studies. 
  • For example, Creator 1 launched one study with a time slot at 9 am Monday. Creator 2 launched a study with a time slot for 9 am Monday. If Creator 1’s 9 am Monday slot is booked, Creator 2’s Monday 9 am slot is still available. 

Best practices

  • If there are going to be multiple studies launched with the same availability, and you have the resources to run multiple interviewers at the same time, ensure each study is being launched by a different moderator.

If you’re planning to be the moderator for multiple studies with the same availability, make sure that you are the one launching all the studies. Otherwise, the Platform scheduler will think you still have availability.  

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