Card Sorting or Survey tests?

Q: I want to use UserZoom GO for Card Sort research. Is this possible?

A: While UserZoom GO does not have a dedicated card sorting application, but UserZoom does! Some customers have previously used our unmoderated or moderated test platforms to record participants completing card sorting exercises via another tool (i.e., Optimal Workshop, etc).

You can add the card sort link to the URL bar for the participant to complete any tasks there for your study.


Q: What about if I want to use a Survey Tool?

A: UserZoom GO does not have an integrated survey tool, but UserZoom Enterprise does.

The other option, much like how one would use Card Sorting application as seen above, you can use a 3rd party survey tool (i.e. Survey Monkey, TypeForm, etc).

Once the survey is created in the survey tool, copy/paste the URL or link into the Starting URL space in the UserZoom GO study set up.

**PLEASE NOTE: it is very important that you instruct your participants that they must return to UserZoom GO to complete the task (i.e., click 'complete' on the Green Task Button) or the recording will not upload and they will not be paid for their efforts. Clicking to complete the card sort activity or survey tool will not complete the UserZoom GO task!

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