How Do I Join a Moderated Interview as a Test Participant?

Keywords: participant, tech check, join, moderated, session.


First, copy and paste the `participate` link into a supported browser that was provided by the researcher or in the confirmation email. 


For test participants:

  • Enter your first name and email address, and then select Join. 

  • Next is a system check. Select Begin.

  • You'll be asked to check your speakers and microphone first.  Please select "Allow" if prompted by your browser.

  • Next is a camera check. If you have more than one camera available you will be given the opportunity to select the one you wish to use.  While you can join a session without having a camera, it is strongly recommended that you use one to add a more personal feel--you'll be face to face with a researcher!

  • Last, the Quality of Service Check will check your connection. This will take a few moments.  (Please be sure to be using a strong WiFi or ethernet connection where possible to ensure the best quality connection. Cellular connections are usually not strong enough to support the bandwidth needed for these sessions)

  • When the tech check is finished, click Join Session. You will be placed in the waiting room. Sight tight and the moderator will start the session soon!


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