Native iOS unmoderated: Participant Perspective

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Test participants:

From the test participant perspective, there will be a different flow with a Native App test than with Mobile Web tests.  

In the mobile web, you stay in the browser to complete the tasks. The Task and instructions will be there with you since test participants remain entirely in the browser.
Please note that during a Native iOS study, you (participant) will be guided to download the test app (if not already present).  You will need to go back and forth between the Test App and Validately (where the task button remains) by using the app switcher (either double-tapping the home button or sliding up on the screen until you see the open app 'cards').   

iOS limits the flow for these tests, such that you will go to Validately task, click complete, then be taken to the App Store (tap "Open" on the test app), then to the Test App.   Due to Apple's closed coding of iOS, Validately cannot change this flow.

Here is a sample Native iOS recording:

Native iOS recording video

Notice how the test participant has to go back to the Validately app to complete the task.  This is because Apple does not allow for the task to follow the user around their device as they go to different applications.

As always, please read each task carefully (out loud!) and speak your thoughts aloud as you navigate the test app.  The researcher is interested in hearing what you think as you work through each task.

If possible, we recommend using a headset with a microphone to reduce background noise, be in a quiet area where you can concentrate, and be connected to strong wifi (avoiding public wifi like coffee shops, etc, to ensure the strongest connection).


 If you want to test an app on iOS, you can do that with Validately.  No SDK is required!

See this article for test set up instructions:

Native iOS App Test Set Up for Moderated studies


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