Why use UserZoom as your moderated research tool vs. anything else?

Summary of our UserZoom moderated solution.

There will always be great point solutions for all your moderated needs. With UserZoom you have it all in one.

One way to think about any problem is, what happens before during, and after the problem. So here goes...

Before a session:

  • Automatic incentive payment handling for moderated sessions when using our Panel.
  • Unlimited screeners are included.
  • Scheduling in UserZoom is included*.
  • Calendar invites and email reminders are sent out automatically.

*scheduling when using your own list of participants is available only on Team or Corporate plans. 


During the session

  • Streamlined built-in pre-session tech check reduces the time spent with participants in advance of the session.
  • Time-stamped notes.
  • Time-stamped flags with keyboard shortcuts.
  • Collaborative notes by any number of moderators or notetakers.
  • Notetakers are NOT seen or heard by the participant.
  • You can have observers, who are never seen or heard by the participant.
  • Private chat with your team of notetakers and observers, no need to have Slack/Teams in the background.
  • The test participant doesn’t need to learn how to use it.
  • The desktop test participant does not need to install anything.
  • The moderator can easily send different URLs or prototypes to the test participant screens.
  • Mobile testing includes test participant face, screen, and where they tap.


After the session

  • Videos are processed in seconds and all live on UserZoom, not your local desktop hardware.
  • Videos are stored in the cloud, so they can be securely shared with a link in seconds.
  • Create clips on the web, no additional software is required.
  • Clips can be shared with anyone easily.
  • Summary of insights from all the notes/tags from everyone who took notes.
  • Power of an aggregated study where the researcher can easily aggregate notes and clips across all interviews for easy analysis.

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