Closing a Moderated Study with UserZoom GO Scheduling

It is possible to close your moderated study, even if you have not yet reached your requested number of responses. For example, you're at 5/8 responses and you are ready to wrap up this research!

If you have:

  • a moderated study that uses UserZoom GO's scheduling tool,
  • less responses than you requested at the time you launched your moderated study ( e.g., 5/8 responses) and
  • no remaining future time slots in the study calendar, you'll be met with this banner, with the option to Close Study or Add Time Slots.

If you still have open time slots in the UserZoom GO calendar but still wish to close the study, you'll need to remove the time slots (available time slots are light blue on your study calendar. Clicking on the blue will 'deselect' the time and turn the area white), and this will prompt the banner to appear. (If you have a lot of open time slots, you'll have to remove a lot of them! )

close mod1.gif

When you have less open time slots in the study calendar than open responses requested remaining in the study, a red banner will appear with the option to either add time slots to the calendar or to close the study:


  • If you close the study, you won't be able to undo this action. Please be sure you really mean to close the study! In case of an issue, contact Support.
  • If you close a study, you cannot run any sessions. Be sure all pending sessions have been completed before you close the study!
  • When closing a moderated study that uses UserZoom GO's panel of participants, your account will be credited for the recruiting costs for any unfilled responses.
  • 30 days after a panel study has been launched, it will not be possible to add more times to the study calendar and recruit new participants.  It will be necessary to duplicate the study and launch a new version.

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