Democratize Research?

Are you trying to democratize research? Instead of teaching everyone how to do their own research right away, start by including your teammates in the research process.

It’s all about transparency

Give people access so they don’t have to just believe you, they can see for themselves. Add them as a collaborator to one of your workspaces. Let them look into the studies and notes you took yourself. Believe it or not, it's better than sharing a rainbow spreadsheet with them.

Invite your team to the research

Bring them in as a note-taker during a live moderated session. Ask your #user_research channel in Slack to come in and observe the live session.

Invite others to help you find insights

Ask them to take notes on your videos, live or after the fact. Or, start your insights report and @mention them to bring them to the right part of your research.

Provide status to your team as you go

Add teammates to your study, so they can get the results in real-time so they don’t have to wait to read your awesome 14-page research report, kidding, kinda.

Set up a workspace for another team

Give them their own workspace to learn and do their own important research.

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