Help! I can't get through the tech check.

When joining a Moderated session as a test participant or observer, you will be asked to complete a system tech check. Your camera, microphone, and connection are tested. 

system.gifOnce the Quality of Service check completes, you will be moved to a waiting room until the session begins.

But what happens if the Quality of Service check just keeps spinning and doesn't finish?

It is likely that there is something on your device that is interfering.  Here are some things to check:

  • Private Browsing or pop-up blocker extensions installed

  • Other browser extensions that can mimic or enhance camera or microphone (think filters for social media, virtual microphones, etc)

  • VPN running

  • Firewall blocking access.

  • Profile or Proxy installed by your IT team which prevents microphone, camera, or other access.

  • Other services that use the system's camera may be running in the background (other user testing platforms, Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, etc). If you are a PC user, check your taskbar (arrow pointing up near your clock) to see if anything like that is running and close them entirely. On a Mac, any open apps are seen in the Dock with a small dot underneath the icon--close these apps as needed.

  • Clear the cache/history in your browser.

  • Try one of the different supported browsers.

PLEASE NOTE: If using a Windows machine, there are applications that could be installed without your knowledge that we have seen cause issues when trying to get through the Quality of Service check.

Open the Start menu>Settings>Apps>Apps Features. Search for and uninstall any of the following:

  • Cyberlink YouCam

  • EpocCam

  • Krisp Noise Cancelling App

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