Slack Integration with UserZoom GO

How to integrate Slack to collaborate with your team.

At the start of a moderated session, a notification in the Slack channel of your choice will be auto-generated. Your team will be alerted and can easily join the live session as a muted observer. They can listen, watch the research, and use the chat to send messages. Your teammates with a UserZoom GO seat can join the session to help take time-stamped notes, tag insights, and flag moments. The annotations are assigned an author so you know who captured what. 

Knowledge sharing just got faster & easier helping you facilitate more focused conversations and engagement around research & design. 

The integration brings the research feedback process into existing team collaboration channels. Customize your Slack sync for each of your UserZoom GO workspaces.


How to use the integration:

  • Log into your UserZoom GO account and switch into the workspace you’d like to sync with Slack.
  • Click the Workspace settings, then click Slack configuration.
  • Disclaimer: You may need to have your Slack admin authorize your Slack account to allow third-party applications.

If you’d like more technical details about the feature, please feel free to submit a ticket here.

NOTE: Slack Integration is available on Teams and Corporate plans only.

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