Adding a Custom NDA to Your Study

Before you add a custom NDA to your study, keep in mind that all UserZoom GO Panelists agree to these terms of service to be able to participate in studies.

If you still need to add a custom NDA to your study, we recommend adding it as part of the screener questions.;

We recommend adding wording like:

Do you agree to the following terms of service (enter link here) and having the participant click either "Yes, I agree to the terms of this NDA", or "No, I do not agree".

Selecting "No" would automatically disqualify the participant.

Something like this:


If you have very specific or longer NDAs for your organization, you can have a link to something like DocuSign, where the participant will copy/paste that link and complete the NDA before coming back to complete the screening process.

Note that this works best in moderated studies, as you can review the scheduled participants and verify that they have/have not signed the NDA before conducting the interview.

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