What are the different roles in a live moderated research session?

Who can join as a Moderator?

Researcher users (Researcher role) with login access to the study’s workspace can join as a moderator. They must already be logged in on go.userzoom.com

Who can join as a Note-taker?

Researcher users (Researcher role) and Collaborator users with login access to the study’s workspace can join as a Note-taker. They must already be logged in on go.userzoom.com. Remember all new plans come with unlimited Collaborator seats.

How do you join as an Observer?

Enter your name, and the moderator will take over from there. Observers do NOT need a login to join the session. 


What can each role do?


The moderator is the only one that can be seen and heard by the test participant. If you wish, multiple researchers with researcher logins can join as a moderator from their own computers. (Collaborator role cannot be a moderator).

The moderator has full control over the session. They can:

  • Select the test participant from the waiting room
  • Start/end the session
  • Start/end the recording
  • Prompt the test participant to share their screen
  • Toggle any participant’s microphone on or off
  • Toggle the mic/camera of the test participant on or off
  • Kick any participant or observer out of the session


The note-taker has limited control. They can:

  • Take live time-stamped notes, #hashtag topics, flag moments
  • See a list of all participants in the session
  • Unmute their microphone so that the moderator and test participant can hear them. As the participant cannot see the note-takers, and hearing them talking might come as a surprise.

Note-takers cannot:

  • Be seen on camera


Test Participant

The person who will be interviewed and/or do the usability test, we call the Test Participant.

They have very limited control. This is by design. They can:

  • See and hear the moderator
  • Text chat with the moderator
  • If prompted by the moderator, they can share their screen
  • Leave the session at any time by closing the browser tab

The test participant cannot:

  • See or hear anyone EXCEPT the moderator and note-taker (if unmuted)


Observers have very limited control, similar to the test participant, again by design. They can:

  • Watch and hear the session live without a UserZoom GO login
  • Private text chat with everyone EXCEPT for the test participant

Observers cannot:

  • Be seen or heard by anyone
  • Take notes in UserZoom GO

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