Sharing the Moderator's Screen

Screen sharing, moderator, moderated, screen recording.

The moderator can share their screen during a moderated study session. 

First, you must start the session and start recording. When ready to start the screen share, the moderator will click on the Start screen sharing button at the bottom of your screen.

You will now have a choice to request permission to share the test participant's screen, or to share your own screen.

The browser will then prompt you to select what you would like to share (entire screen, application window, tab).

NOTE: As soon as the moderator's screen is shared, the control panel is hidden to ensure the test participant does not see any notes or chat messages. If you choose to share the "entire screen" or "browser window", the notes panel can be seen by anyone watching, including the test participant.


  1. It is not possible to pass mouse control during a moderator screen share. This is something we are considering for a future release, but currently, it is a 'view only' screen share.

  2. When the moderator is sharing the screen, you will not be able to see the participant and they will not be able to see you.

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