Moderated troubleshooting checklist

  • Try a different WiFi network, or if on a cell phone switch off WiFi and use your cell phone's 4G connection.
  • Make sure you running the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge chrome://settings/help
  • Unplug any external monitors, and unnecessary external peripherals, and restart your browser.
  • Make sure your computer has a working speaker and microphone. For the best experience, we highly recommend wearing a headset with a built-in microphone.
  • Make sure ALL desktop participants can pass our system check.
  • If a participant fails the system check, please refer to our firewall requirements.
  • If it’s a mobile study, make sure the participant on the mobile device is connected to a fast WiFi connection as the first preference, or if not on at least a 4G cell connection with full signal bars. We recommend the participant remain in one location for the duration of the study to avoid potential dropouts.
  • Make sure devices (mobile or laptops) are plugged into power or have plenty of battery remaining. Force quit out of all other running apps to free up memory if necessary.

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