Unmoderated Interviews on UserZoom GO

You can use our Unmoderated Interview study in many ways.

(In real life) IRL research

Have a smart speaker or new physical product you want to hear and watch your customers use? Use the UserZoom GO's Unmoderated Interview. Have the user tell you how they use it, and then ask them to turn the camera so they show you how they use it.

Sample video


Voice of the Customer

Want to get video confessionals of what your customers think about your company/brand? Use the unmoderated interview. Prompt them with verbal questions. Ask them to rate their experience with a follow-up question. You can then easily create a highlight reel of the best (and worst) responses.

Diary Studies

What is a diary study? Read this.

If you know what it is, then you can use the UserZoom GO's Unmoderated Interview as a single mission that a test participant can open every day to document their day-to-day.

How to Set it Up

Select Unmoderated Think-Aloud and then Interview.

Use the tasks as verbal prompts. Use the questions to gather some quantitative data.


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