How do I set up an Invision prototype in UserZoom GO

Important Tips

1: Mobile Studies: If you want to use an InVision link on a mobile study on UserZoom GO, make sure to walk through the prototype in the browser native to the device (i.e. Safari for iOS and Chrome for Android or desktop)

Take the public share link (see below how to generate that link), load it up on a mobile device, iPhone/iOS or Android doesn't matter. Copy the URL on your mobile device. When the page with your public share link loads in the device's mobile browser, the resulting URL is the one you want to use in your study.

InVision links for mobile devices will look like this:

(*must have an /m/share in the middle)

Using InVision with iOS devices and see a black bar on the screen? You may need to adjust with this check box in InVision to push the prototype down a little:


2. New Task on New URL: If you want to start a task on a new URL in UserZoom GO, make sure to always use the public share URL generated for you in InVision.

3. Success URLs: If you want to have a success URL in UserZoom GO, make sure to always use the public share URL generated for you in InVision.

Public Share Links:

To create a URL share or public share link for your prototype:

  1. Navigate to your InVision dashboard and open the prototype you'd like to share.
  2. Click the green Share button at the top right of your prototype dashboard.
  3. Click public share link at the bottom of the modal. (You may get a shortened link like this sample link, or one that looks like this sample link:

The link should now be copied to your clipboard and ready for sharing.


People who receive your public share link only have the ability to view, interact (click through), and leave comments on prototypes via that share link and cannot otherwise see the prototype.

They cannot leave comments via the mobile app or via web view from their mobile device at this time.

You also have the option to first adjust default settings for your public share link by clicking Link Settings at the bottom of the modal.

Test your links before you launch your study by using Preview.

Before your study is live, you are able to preview your unmoderated study so that you can test the study build, the links and ensure task instructions are clear.

As well, you can simply sign out of InVision and then click the links you intend to use in your study. Do they still open even when you're logged out? Can your colleague open them on their device when logged out of inVision? You should be good to go.

If, when you click that link and are taken to a log in screen for your company on inVision's page, the link is not public and will not be visible by someone outside of your organization.

InVision Studio Public Share Links:

To share a Studio prototype with someone outside of your InVision Enterprise team:

  1. Open the published Studio prototype in InVision.
  2. At the top right of the page, click the Share button.
  3. In the Share dialog, click Get public link.
  4. Click Copy link.


Hot spots

Please ensure that any Hotspots are generated directly in Invision (as opposed to another source, such as Sketch). This should allow them to be interactive when testing.


If you're having trouble with private links not showing hotspots, you must first link pages for all hotspots while inside InVision, then create the public share link, otherwise they are all separated.

More info from InVision:

Using Sketch to design your prototype? Easily import into InVision so you can test with remote participants:


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