Getting Started With UserZoom Go's Unmoderated Testing Tool

All about UserZoom Go's Unmoderated tool.

What can I test in UserZoom Go for an unmoderated study?
You can test any web-based prototype (Invision, Axure, etc.) or website across desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) as well as Native Applications.
Is there a limit on the number of tasks in my study?
There’s no limit on tasks if you use your own users. If you use Panel Recruiting, there’s no task limit, but there is a 15-minute time limit for each test.
What’s the cost to use my own participants?
There is no cost to test with your own participants.
Can UserZoom Go recruit my test participants?
Yes! You can use our panel to source test participants for your unmoderated studies. Select from demographic information, including age, gender, location, household income, level of education, and whether they have children. You can also add as many screener questions as you want.
Panel Recruiting costs $15 for a 15-minute session and requires a Basic, Experience, Teams, or Corporate Plan. All costs include the incentive for the test participant.
What results will I see after a test participant completes my test?
On the unmoderated results page, you’ll notice 3 tabs. Each of these 3 tabs is how you’ll navigate and view the results of your test.
Videos and Clips - View the full session videos and any clips that you've created, and download notes.
Tasks and Questions - View average time to complete your tasks, pass/fail, and answers to your follow up questions and download all the data into a CSV.
Insights - Create an Insight Report for your unmoderated study.
One of our powerful features is the ability to easily analyze and filter results. Results are generated automatically, you don’t need to build any complex result queries, export CSVs. Filtering allows you to apply filters by selecting any of the data in each of the result tabs, then see how that changes in the other tabs.
Ready to start setting up your first study? You can read more about that here.

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