Getting Started With UserZoom GO's Moderated Testing Tool

You can see a quick video on how to set up and use UserZoom GO's moderated testing tool here

Mini FAQ:

What can I test in UserZoom Go for a moderated study?

You can test any web-based prototype (InVision, Axure, etc.) or website across desktop and mobile (iOS and Android). You can also test desktop applications and native mobile apps (iOS and Android) without needing to install any code or an SDK in your app.

Can I see the participant’s webcam/face?

Yes. All moderated sessions start as a user interview. After enabling screen share, you will see the participant’s webcam in the lower right-hand corner.

What’s the cost to use my own participants?

There's no cost to test with your own participants when you manage the recruiting.

Can UserZoom GO recruit my test participants?

Yes! Our team will manage all logistics for recruiting, including sourcing, screening, scheduling, backfill, tech checks, incentive payments to your participants. Provide us with your participant persona and add unlimited screener questions.

Moderated Recruiting costs vary based on your software plan and participant persona. All costs include the incentive for the test participant.

Can I do native app tests?

Yes! You can test native apps without installing any code or an SDK for Android and iOS devices.

Can I conduct a user interview without testing a prototype, website, or app?

Yes! You conduct and record a user interview using UserZoom GO.


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