How to Rate a Panelist/Response on Unmoderated Studies

You can rate each panelist response as

  • 1-star (Poor)
  • 2-star (Fair)
  • 3-star (Good)
  • 4-star (Very Good)
  • 5-star (Excellent)

Click the video you'd like to review so that it's in the player window. You'll notice the star rating option there:

In the event you rate a response as “Poor”, we will provide a replacement response free of charge. We will also remove the “Poor” result from your test so your results and metrics are not impacted.


If you rate a response as “Fair”, “Good”, “Very Good” or “Excellent”, you are accepting the response and the participant will be paid. With a “Fair”, “Good” or “Very Good” response, the participant receives feedback on how to improve for next time.

It is important that you open each video to rate your panelists. The more you rate your participants, the better the participant pool you will get.

You have 7 days to rate the responses and request any replacements.

This option is only available for unmoderated studies.

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