Downloading your time stamped notes saves time!

But what about my 🌈 Rainbow Sheets?

Most researchers are used to taking their notes on a Google/Word doc that is often referred to as a Data or Rainbow Sheet. But did you know that taking your notes and using hashtags in GO makes it even easier and faster to organize and set up that data and Rainbow Sheet?

The notes you take on a study in GO can be downloaded in one .CSV file, which will have all your:

  • participant IDs
  • notes
  • tags
  • timestamped links

From there, with help from your tagging, you can quickly turn it into a sheet to help you analyze all your data. In fact having the timestamped notes makes it much quicker to do the analysis from the download. 

As one of our researchers mentioned: 

"For most of my studies, my first step is just note-taking in the tool. Then I export the notes and organize them by participant, so I can begin to find a way to consolidate it all into one usable sheet. The tags help me quickly go through all my notes and do this.

For example, I often use the 'positive' tag when taking notes. Afterward, I'll highlight those cells with a green background. This way when I go back looking for quotes and video clips later on it's really easy because of the way I tagged them."

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