What browsers / devices do you support?

Moderated Desktop

For Moderated desktop studies, Google Chrome, MS Edge, and Mozilla Firefox are supported.


Unmoderated Desktop

For Unmoderated desktop studies, the most recent versions of Google Chrome or MS Edge are required. ***Please note: The extensions come from the Google Store. If you are using MS Edge and need to install the extension, you will need to permit Edge to use extensions from other stores:



Important Tips:

  1. Browser Tabs:  Please note that while participating in studies, either moderated or unmoderated, please close all browsing tabs or windows that don't involve the study. These additional tabs or windows can use resources that would be better allocated to the study, causing interruptions or disconnects or a failure to upload your response. 

  2. Browser extensions:  If you have extensions installed that serve as 'virtual cameras', microphone enhancers, VPNs, or blockers, these could cause interruptions as well. We recommend removing them entirely from the browser.  You can easily add them again when you're done testing.


For testing on mobile devices, we have apps for both Android and iOS. When you open a test URL you will be prompted first to install the app from the Apple App Store for iOS, or Google Play Store for Android.

  • iOS 13+

  • Android 9+

Again, it is recommended to close out as many apps as you can that are needed for your session, so as to have the best experience while testing and the best chance of having a complete upload of your recording.

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