What data can I see for Unmoderated Studies?

When your unmoderated study is completed, it's time to analyze your results!

As UserZoom GO is more of a qualitative platform, only basic quantitative information is collected, such as Time on Task (mean/average), Success URL (also link to an existing article), and your tags/flags.

On the Results page, you’ll notice 2 tabs. Each of these 2 tabs is how you’ll navigate and view the results from your test.


  • Tasks and Questions - view survey answers to the questionnaire at the end of each test
  • Videos - All of the test who took your test, the videos and any clips you create

Results are generated automatically, you don’t need to build any complex result queries, export CSVs.

Task Report

UserZoom Go allows you to set up tasks to complete for your participants in your prototypes. To see metrics for how your participants performed these tasks you can navigate to:

The results page for your study -> click Tasks and Questions

Pass/Fail tasks--this person clearly failed looking at their local weather as instructed, since she was looking at cat videos instead, so I'm able to mark that next to her video here.


This will show up in the reporting, which you see per task under the Task Analysis, or download as a .csv file for the study. Average time on task is shown here as well:


You can also pull your notes and timestamps, as well as participant demographic data (when using Validately's panel) here:


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