How do I present static images in studies?

Need to share a static image in your study? Currently, Userzoom Go doesn't have a way to upload static images into the platform. However, there is a workaround!

In order for your test participant to see a static image, you'd need to first upload it to a third party cloud storage service (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive.) You would then be able to use the Public Share link generated by these platforms to give your test participants access to the images they need to review.

The workaround in the study set up is like this:

  1. You are asked to provide a starting URL. This can really be any URL (for our purposes in the below examples, will suffice).

  2. Once the test taker starts the study, they are going to need to open a new browser tab and copy/paste the URL of the share drive (your public link from the cloud service you chose) into that new tab for logging in with the provided credentials and review of the content.

Please note: It is very important that the task instructions are very clear so the participant is successful in accessing the content you are testing.  



Below is a GIF of the same demo study showing what it will look like for the test participant. The participant in the GIF was already logged into the drive, this is why you don't see them type in a username and password:


For a moderated study the same tactic will work. The moderator can provide the link as the starting URL, or simply provide the link and credentials in the session.  As the session progresses, you can send the participant to various sites as you need to by simply changing the URL


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