Coming Soon - Updates to Moderated

That’s right, within the next couple of weeks we’re making some updates to our Moderated experience that will both improve the end-to-end experience for participants, and will make the service more secure and accessible. We think you’ll like the changes.


High-level, what’s new?

  • Session links have been updated, so participants have their own dedicated links to enter the session, and so does your team
  • Observers now skip right past the tech check to enter the session directly 
  • Participants on a desktop will now never need to install anything to take part in Moderated sessions
  • Participants will now be informed if and how they need to change their Mac settings for screen share/audio issues related to MacOS permissions
  • Our Moderated service is now a lot more friendly with screen readers, helping you to talk with participants with low or no vision


More detail please, what’s changed for participants?

  • The session links your participants get are now different from the ones your team gets
  • Two test participants cannot overlap. If a second participant joins, they now just sit in the waiting room until you invite them into the session. 
  • Your desktop participants don’t ever need to install anything to take part in sessions. Previously some sessions required the participant to install a browser extension.
  • Now when a participant has an issue with Mac OS permissions that interfere with the ability to screen share or share their audio, we inform them how to change those permissions.

What’s new for observers? 

  • They no longer go through a tech check.
  • When joining a session, an observer now adds their name and not their email. 


What’s new for moderators? 

  • Your observers will appear like they are in the session before your participant arrives, but they are not yet. Your Observers are listed in the session at all times, but only ‘enter the room’ when you invite a participant in. If you want to talk with your teammates before your participant joins your session, they should join as Notetakers. 
  • Two test participants cannot overlap. If a second participant joins, they now just sit in the waiting room until you invite them into the session. 
  • Participants on Mac will be provided instructions on how to change their settings on their own, for any screen share/audio issues related to Mac OS permissions


What happens to my current moderated studies?

  • The only change is that the current session link will become the new participant link, this will impact any Moderated studies you have in flight at the moment. You will need to send out new links to your team (with the team link) to have them join the sessions.
    Screen Shot 2021-04-07 at 10.23.03 AM.png


Browser Bar

As part of an update to the security of our solution, we’re retiring the ‘No Browser Bar’ option for both Moderated and Unmoderated studies on desktop devices. Check out this explainer article to learn why.

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