UZ GO Sales Tax FAQ


Sales tax update:

As of March 2022, billing address and primary use address are required for all online purchases of UserZoom GO products in the United States. The South Dakota vs. Wayfair Inc. ruling and changes to nexus in some states mean products sold by UserZoom must be assessed sales tax, where applicable. (Avalara link: SD vs Wayfair)


Not all states collect sales tax for products like UserZoom software and sourcing, so your bill may not change. Either way, the sales tax amount will be a separate and distinct line item on your receipt. Please take a moment to add billing and primary use addresses to your account and update your credit card if needed. (Account billing page)


What is a Primary Use Address?

A Primary Use Address is the location where the purchase will be primarily used. 


What is the Primary Use Address used for?

This is the address used to calculate the applicable Sales Tax for any given purchase.


What is the billing address used for?

Billing address is used to verify credit card details supplied and successfully process payment.

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