What are UserZoom GO Insights?

UserZoom GO Insights largely automates the process of analyzing your videos, collaborating with your team of collecting your insights and communicating with your stakeholders. Insights is an editable document that allows you import notes, user quotes, video clips and images. 

Add hashtags your notes during live sessions or while analyzing recordings to easily synthesize your results across all research sessions. When building Insights, selecting a hashtag will pull in all notes and video clips where a hashtag was used across all sessions in a study. 

You can share your Insights Report with stakeholders with a simple URL. No UserZoom GO account is required to view an Insights report. Share the link as a long-form report or a Presentation.
Before you share with stakeholders, now you can share internally, and synchronously write, edit, insert content, while being able to comment on any of the document.


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