Corporate Account Management

On the account management page, you can see everyone on your team, together with what licenses they have and what workspaces they have access to.

Change a user’s access to a workspace, or remove them from your account in just a couple of clicks.

Please note: The Corporate Account Management feature is only available to Corporate accounts.

Roles and Permissions

  • Owners - Add or remove team members from any workspace and change their roles as well. Full access to Billing and Transactions.
  • Researchers - Have the permissions as owners but do not have access to the Billing and Transactions tabs.
  • Collaborators - Do NOT have access to the corporate account page.

Adding a User

  1. Click on the Add a teammate button
  2. Choose what workspaces you want to invite them to by selecting a role (Researcher or Collaborator)
  3. Click Invite for each workspace



Seats remaining

  • You can always see how many seats you have remaining for both Researcher and Collaborator roles.


Pending Invite Expiration

  • All pending invites expire 3 days after they are initially sent. If the invite has expired, simply click on Resend to send it again.


Emails for Invites

  • All invites to a UserZoom GO account are sent via email.


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